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Victoria is a single mother of 2 Angel Children, the oldest of 7 adopted children, a 12 year wellness product creator and TV Host.

Throughout her life, Victoria experienced traumas relating to domestic violence, stalking, phone hacking, harassment, physical violence, mental abuse and ended up homeless in a hotel and in battered children's shelters as a result of domestic abuse.

Police rescued her and her family and their bravery sparked bravery in Victoria.

She left the hotel with everything she owned in one carry on suitcase and moved home to California to rebuild her life, and she did.

This situation many women find themselves in and if government agencies, non profits and employers were better equipped to identify and support domestic abuse victims, society, children and families quality of life and the economy would greatly benefit as a whole. 

There is a solution and the solution entails incentivizing employers to continue employment of domestic abuse victims, mothers and single mothers, especially when there are police reports and ongoing court cases involved, this would eliminate the homeless crisis that most abuse victims find themselves in and would reduce gov assistance needed. 

Many women in entertainment and corporate jobs lose their jobs when missing work due to domestic violence, police intervention or domestic violence court hearings because employers have stated "how can you focus on selling our products or our company, and show up to work when dealing with that?"

Job loss is often why women and children find themselves in domestic violence situations, unable to sustain a job while dealing with violence daily, thus making them dependent on their abusers for a home or shelter.

Other programs involve educating employers, churches, neighbors and families on how to identify signs of abuse, and educating employees how to free themselves from domestic violence, and providing them with support, solutions, safe houses, legal aide and child care which are desperately needed for all victims attempting to free themselves from domestic abuse. 

Victorias' passion for pageantry came about by accident when her colleague signed her up for Miss California USA and she discovered a world of phenomenal, hard working women, passionate about creating change and giving a media voice to causes and organizations important to them. 

Through working with the pageant system, Victoria learned she was able to raise more awareness for causes that matter, as opposed to just raising awareness on her own.


She views pageantry as a mission to make real change, meet with law makers, lobbyists, government officials, law enforcement and non profit organizations who have the power to end homelessness, end abuse and provide resources and support for healing after trauma.


These solutions are proven to not only help heal victims but also stimulates the economy and society through reintegrating survivors back into the working world and society, where they might not have been able to fully recover and function prior, due to not being able to secure housing after losing job due to domestic violence etc.


How can you help? Write your congressman and ask them to create laws protecting domestic abuse survivors and providing then with job security, homes, child care and legal support as they stand up to their abusers.

Support Jennifers Law  SB-1091, which changes the definition of domestic violence from just physical violence to also including stalking, hacking, death threats, controlling the finances of a victim and coersion etc. 

Support Lauras House and the National Domestic Violence Hotline Organization which saves thousands of lives daily.


These solutions are proven to help keep communities safer by empowering victims to stand up to their abusers, and also reduce cost of government aid and welfare by supporting victims and ensuring they are able to keep their jobs despite being abused. Change is here and now.